5 questions to ask, before you invest in UK residential property

UK residential property remains one of the most attractive investments available to many investors, seeking long term returns, without too much hassle. But the market has changed thanks to political, economic, social, technological and legal and regulatory shifts. Right now, investors of all scales are facing the prospect of no, low or negative real returns, uncertainty about the future, and the difficulty of accessing opportunities that suit their needs, resources and the market context.

The truth is, residential property is not as ‘easy’ as it once was: investors need to understand and navigate a complicated market. To succeed in this fast-changing, uncertain context with so many new regulations to comply with, investors of all scales need to be more strategic, value-focused, and professional in their approach. As market and regulatory pressures have grown, so have the chances and costs of making poor decisions, and expensive mistakes. Investors with access to funding run the risk of missing out on opportunities, and even losing out on hundreds of thousands of pounds each year by not making the wrong decisions, making no decisions at all, or not acting strategically and professionally.

This episode shared 5 questions to ask and answer, to help you to define a clear strategy, suited to your goals, situation and the market. Ultimately, the answers will help you to answer the question I am so often asked: how can I invest in UK residential property, grow wealth and leaving a lasting, positive legacy, regardless of what is happening in the market?

Listen here to the full episode: https://anchor.fm/anna-clare-harper/episodes/5-questions-to-ask--before-you-invest-in-UK-residential-property---Anna-Clare-Harper-e57pf9

Resources: This episode was originally written as an article for What Investment Magazine: https://www.whatinvestment.co.uk/the-magazine/





Anna Clare Harper is a UK Property Investment Strategist, CEO of property asset manager SPI Capital, author and host of property & investment podcast The Return

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