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There’s one question above all that, in the real estate industry, we are constantly asked: ‘Is now a good time to put money into property?’

The consensus is, despite the uncertain environment, residential property in particular is still a fantastic asset — tried, tested, tangible and trusted.

People will always need to live somewhere. There’s a consistent, growing need for property, and yet we have constrained supply:

Originally published at https://www.realyse.com on June 30, 2020.

Anna Clare Harper, Co-Founder at Anglo Residential, looks at how investors in residential property can avoid the trap of confusing price and value.

How many times have you heard, “We negotiated 10% off the asking price”, followed shortly by, “we’re delighted!”?

People often assume that if the price of a property is discounted, it will be a better deal. The truth is, a price discount doesn’t always mean a property will prove more valuable.

As investment idol Warren Buffet puts it,

‘price is what you pay; value is what you get’.

Originally published at https://www.propertyinvestortoday.co.uk on May 25, 2020.

It’s really important now, more than ever, that investors think strategically — with so much uncertainty and so many unknowns as a result of the current pandemic.

But how can you know what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to investing in a complex property world, which has just got even more complex?

Anna Clare Harper, author of Strategic Property Investing — What Works and What Doesn’t in a Complex Property World, says Covid-19 has created an immediate and unavoidable opportunity to focus on risk.

“Firstly, it has never been more…


To help answer some of the ‘most asked questions’ of the moment about the property market in these uncertain, fast-changing times and to highlight the official paperback launch date (14th May), here’s another free chapter of the book, which seems to have struck a chord with investors and recently became an Amazon #1 bestseller.

This chapter highlights the most important changes that residential property investors need to know about and puts the impacts of #coronavirus on the property market into context.

Perhaps the ‘most asked question’ I’ve had from investors over the last few months…

Anna Clare Harper takes a look back at the UK property market in Q1 2020

What a difference just a few weeks makes. In mid-February, the Land Registry released its most up-to-date house-price data. Owing to the time lag of such indices, the report covered December and revealed that a post-election boost meant property prices in London rose by an average of 1.6 per cent. My thoughts on this were quoted to BBC News: ‘The second highest value region, the South East, experienced the lowest annual growth, which is great news for potential home buyers looking to get a foot on the housing ladder in this part of the country.’

The property market was undeniably…

This article is an excerpt from Strategic Property Investing: What works and what doesn’t in a complex UK residential property market. Ebook publication: 30th April 2020. Physical book publication: 14th May 2020. Find out more: annaclareharper.com/book or order here bit.ly/strategicpropertyinvesting

As important as strategy is for property investors, it’s not enough. Investors need strategic flexibility, too. Why? What proved to be a great strategy yesterday may not be a great strategy five years from now. Major market or personal changes can profoundly affect your chances of success.

Your goals, ability to meet them, returns, risk, the effort required, and what…

The UK housing market has a huge problem. There’s not enough supply to meet demand, and this trend is set to continue. This imbalance, combined with structural market imperfections preventing correction, has resulted in stark inequalities in, and stemming from access to property, for tenants, home owners and investors.

In this article I’ll share 3 ways innovation is helping to reduce inequality, not just for the ultimate consumer (for example tenants), but for small- or medium-sized residential property investors. But first, in an article about reducing inequality in UK property, why focus on investors at all?

Firstly, for so many…

3 things you need to know about how coronavirus affects long term property investors

How will coronavirus affect long term property investors?

Coronavirus has had an undeniable and distressing impact on lives and businesses the world over — investors, consumers and politicians!

NHS workers have been doing an incredible job, and sadly many have not only been suffering from coronavirus itself, but with a sense of anxiety around the health, social and economic consequences. It’s a difficult time for all.

I wanted to share 3 things you need to know about how coronavirus affects you, if you’re a UK residential property investor focused on long term investing —…

Knowing when, why and how to review and ‘pause, pivot or persevere’ is universally important: in property investment, other business contexts, and aspects of life from health to hobbies.

In investment, it’s never been more relevant than in this increasingly complex, challenging and fast-changing UK property market. Strategies and tactics that once worked brilliantly are becoming outdated, and new approaches are replacing them with every month that passes.

Reviewing and identifying what to put on pause, what to pivot or change within your approach, and what to persevere with as an investor or business owner can help you to focus…

For more than 20 years, UK residential property has been seen as one of the best investments available. But the market has changed. Approaches which worked before are now less profitable, if profitable at all. 5 key areas of change are affecting returns, and risks and effort associated, in particular for smaller, sideline buy to let investors. This is significant for the housing market because the market is dominated by smaller investors. Most residential investors are ‘small’ landlords, with 4 or fewer properties (93% in 2016). Most residential property investors are individuals (94% in 2018). …

Anna Clare Harper

Anna Clare Harper is a UK Property Investment Strategist, CEO of property asset manager SPI Capital, author and host of property & investment podcast The Return

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