Beyond Beige — Anouska Tamony and Anna Clare Harper discuss getting better returns through interior design

‘Anna is the host of The Return: Property and Investment Podcast’

In this episode, Anna Clare Harper finds out how interior design can increase Return On Investment for developers, investors, in fact anyone selling or renting a property, with the Founder of Award-winning London Design Studio, Anouska Tamony Designs.

Anna and Anouska explore why interior design is important, especially in a stagnating market. They also cover the importance of knowing your target market and where to concentrate your efforts for maximum impact if you have a limited budget. Anouska explains how involving a professional designer can help to speed up property sales and even the construction process, in surprising ways.

Highlights include:

Understanding interior design’s role in speeding up purchase decisions, by making potential buyers fall in love with the property How to research your target market and set a budget for design How to make the most of a professional design studio in the development process — from start to finish Top tips for a high-quality finish, with a limited budget How to re-invigorate a property that isn’t selling




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Anna Clare Harper is a UK Property Investment Strategist, CEO of property asset manager SPI Capital, author and host of property & investment podcast The Return