Fine Wine vs Real Estate, with Senior Portfolio Manager at Cult Wine Investments, Jack Chapman

‘Anna is the host of The Return: Property and Investment Podcast’

In this episode, Anna discusses fine wine vs real estate, with Senior Portfolio Manager at Cult Wine Investments, Jack Chapman.

Especially in an uncertain and fast-changing market, it makes sense to have a balanced portfolio. And fine wine can be a great ‘balancer’ to property…

In this episode, Jack and Anna discuss:

The importance of factors such as location for wine vs property Wealth preservation through wine / property investments, and using ‘the alternative of all alternatives’ as a hedge against volatility Practicalities — ways to invest, affordability, liquidity, tax dynamics, and what happens if it all goes wrong

If you like wine, property and the idea of keeping your money in something tangible that holds value in volatile times, this episode is for you.


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Anna Clare Harper is a UK Property Investment Strategist, CEO of property asset manager SPI Capital, author and host of property & investment podcast The Return