The Perfect Fit — Modular construction with Anna Clare Harper and Paul Ruddick

‘Anna is the host of The Return: Property and Investment Podcast’

In this episode, Anna Clare Harper discusses the benefits of modular construction with Paul Ruddick, MD of the UK’s leading modular construction design and build contractor, Reds10.

Anna and Paul explore what modular construction is and how the technology can boost build quality, while reducing cost and build time. They also cover Paul’s passion for training young people to address the UK’s construction skills shortage and why modular construction is the perfect fit in a time of uncertainty and increased regulation.

Highlights include:

Modular construction — how the technology combats many of the problems associated with traditional construction, including the skills shortage. Paul Ruddick’s journey from QS to owning a company with a £20m turnover in 2018 and a goal of £100m turnover in the next three years. Making the most of modular construction. How the UK government is playing a major role in promoting the technology’s adoption.


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Anna Clare Harper is a UK Property Investment Strategist, CEO of property asset manager SPI Capital, author and host of property & investment podcast The Return