What ordinary property investors can learn from institutions — Alexandra Thur, Founding Partner of Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Investment Businesses, and Anna Clare Harper

‘Anna is the host of The Return: Property and Investment Podcast’

In this episode, Anna Clare Harper finds out why institutional investors are increasingly investing in residential property and what small and medium sized investors and business owners can learn from their approach with Alexandra Thur, Director of Willow Isle Capital, Partner and Investment Director of Castelnau Estates and Founding Partner of two Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Investment Businesses.

Anna and Alexandra examine who institutional investors are and how they differ from SME investors in some surprising ways. Alexandra gives a great overview of ground rent investment and the appeal of this long-term, stable asset class to investors. Anna and Alexandra also cover the impact of a fast-changing UK property market from an institutional perspective and how one investor’s uncertainty is another’s opportunity.

Highlights include:

Who the different types of institutional investor are and their investment criteria What ground rents are and how changes have affected this sector How the point where institutional interest ends marks the beginning of opportunities for smaller investors Why institutional investors now own c. 10% of UK property


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Anna Clare Harper is a UK Property Investment Strategist, CEO of property asset manager SPI Capital, author and host of property & investment podcast The Return